SIFT Workstation 2.12 Release and ChangeLog

SIFT Workstation 2.12 Release and ChangeLog.

Due to several issues with libewf and minor bugs found in log2timeline and log2timline-sift, we have released a new version of the SIFT Workstation. This is not a major release, but I did have time to go and refresh many packages built in it. The next release will update the ubuntu backend and be a major update.

There are a lot of cool new little utilities that have been added that I’d take some time to explore. If you find any bugs please let me know by commenting to this post or contacting me at rlee ‘at’

SIFT WORKSTATION Version 2.12 Changes


Updated –

  • AFFLIB Updates
  • log2Timeline 0.62
  • log2timeline-sift 11-6
  • Regripper Plugins (20111118)
  • Volatility Update
  • sleuthkit 3.2.3
  • libewf updates (fixed most bugs)
  • reglookup 1.0.1
  • scalpel 2.0
  • libpff
  • libesedb
  • libmseicf
  • liblnk2
  • liblnk
  • libeolcf
  • usp .13
  • lp .46
  • pf .92
  • maclookup
  • parse_evtx
  • Linux_MFT_Parser_GUI

Added –

  • dff – Digital Forensic Framework
  • shellbags (by Willi ballenthin)
  • INDXParse (by willi ballenthin)
  • python-registry
  • maltego
  • body_outliers
  • srch_strings_wrap and associated scripts
  • libbfio
  • raw2vmdk.jar
  • Volatility Timeliner


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