Facebook changes again, this time for programmers

Facebook has announced that as of February first remove profile pages opened for applications. How do you prepare for this and what should you do now?

Another change in the area of ​​Facebook, but this time he relates mainly to developers and users. After a long period, which represented the dedicated profile pages and applications automatically open them herself – stopFacebook support them. In addition, announces that on February 1, delete these pages completely. So what can you do to keep the fans and information?

Changes the rules

Facebook announced that from February 1, remove profile pages only opened for applications on a social network. Although until now these pages are created automatically by Facebook itself every time he opened up a new application, the company explains that the profile pages work similarly to existing Pages. Due to inconsistencies between the two in-Insights, distribution channels and APIs, decided to unite the two.

Administrative application profile pages already come across the latest perched at the top of the page, informing them that from February 1 each profile pages opened for applications will be removed. In addition, the company offers to the skygear dedicated pages for the application – Pages , function similarly.

Currently, if you open a new application is not a profile page will automatically, but will be asked to create her own dedicated page. The new Page will contain a button that will lead directly to the application itself, can block, download or report it and of course link to contact us with the key.

So what do we do?

The first and most important you need to do before anything else – a backup. While Facebook offers you the fans to a new page and thus not lose them, but also notes that the transfer does not save messages that were released, Images, Insights , or anything else that appeared on the page. If you wish to save the information, you will need to back it up manually, by downloading content to your PC. Note that you must do so before you click Migrate, as soon as you click on it – the profile will disappear and you will have the option to enter it.

Afterwards, you can enter the application’s profile page and follow the instructions of Facebook, asking you to merge the profile page with new page, under the appropriate classification. In addition to the fans – as skygear were you, if you have a special link with the application name, the company also worry to him – if he still does not exist in the system.

Keep in mind that this is a fairly long process and you will need to be patient – Facebook notes that the transfer process can take up to seven days. In addition, application pages that will be transferred to the new pages until the date that Facebook said, will be lost – and attempt to access them will lead directly to the application itself. In addition, you lose all users who supported you and you will need to collect them from the beginning.



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