Facebook becomes a virtual ID card

According to a new study, it appears that most internet users choose to subscribe to external sites with social networking. Is your information is exposed to everyone and did that affect you?

Quite a few sites we visit recently offering us make the application using an account in one social network to which we are already registered.

Despite the accessibility and conveniences it offers, how many users actually choose to connect your account Facebook their any other site on the web? And how does this affect your privacy?

Social recognition

Must have left you come across a site once you register the applicant to send you updates, to know the details or just so you can enter it – if so far chosen not to use the button connection through Facebook, you’re probably in the minority. According to a study conducted by the company Sociable Labs – About 56 percent of users are experiencing, please register through Facebook – confirms this. But what does that actually mean?

The fact that an extensive network users choose to allow third party access to their private information, says mainly that they are not afraid to privacy or information to their site can access. On the other hand, research also suggests that only 2.8 percent of users to fully complement the registration process through the social network.

Although the percentage of completion seem particularly low, Sociable Labs shows for comparison the percentage of click-through buttons on the Lake – 0.1 to 0.2 percent. The company goes on to explain that as long as the sites did not interfere with their design or build the entire user experience around the worker must register with a social network – the connection between the two can not hurt, but only help sites, as well as users by saving time and presenting a simple and easy .

Where it goes?

I think that the fact that the information of users can be also available to external sites stopped bothering them long ago. Now, the main consideration browsing new sites is convenience – whether they can enter with their existing accounts on social networks, or they must carry out all re-registration process? Although until now, especially online shopping sites users would keep as much privacy – for fear they will steal some details, now very few web surfers think about it, or at least that’s the picture that emerges.

While one can assume that the future of Registration can be enough for us to enter any other site on the Web – we think, what is the price we would have to pay in terms of privacy? Could it be that the future had to struggle much more precisely to open a false identity on the network, compared to the ease with which we can do it today?


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