Google is working on “pots” of its own

Although previously rejected the Android interface, voice development, Google recently decided to revoke its decision in light of buzz about the new voice of the maid Apple. Soon Android?

According to several reports online, Google is working on developing artificial intelligence in control of her own voice for Android devices. I wonder what Andy Rubin believes that given the fact that he was dismissed before the pots on the grounds that “Bfitz’r not relevant.”

Personal assistant iPhone 4S: “pots” a real revolution began interacting between their electronic devices users. More recently, Microsoft and Google canceled the importance of the pots when Microsoft claimed feature has WP7 devices already exist, for the past year under the name TellMe yet presented a comparison test of Microsoft’s claim that most unhappy when her Hfitz’r capabilities of falling than those of the pots in every way . Google also dismissed the subject, when in an interview with Andy Rubin, Rubin noted that he thought a smartphone should not be the user’s personal assistant.

Words are one thing and actions another

The site Android and Me claims that he received information on a special project and research laboratories are being confidential by Google: Google X. The project was codenamed Majel, the name of the actress Majel Barrett-Roddenberry rest her voice is used as the computer voice of the Federation Series / Star Trek movies. Google is reportedly working on the development of inverter Bfitz’r helps you make the current voice recognition is Google’s Android “Voice Actions” which is basically the equivalent Lapitz’r Microsoft’s TellMe, and will use the natural language like pots, rather than a specific command.

Matias Duarte (Matias Duarte), who runs the Android user experience, hinted last month in an interview subject, when he compared Google’s approach to the subject of artificial intelligence to that of the computer ‘Star Trek series:

“The metaphor I like to use it (for pots) is that of Star Wars, there are the robots with personalities like C-3PO that runs around and tries to do things for you, goof off and joke. Our approach is more like Star Trek. Every piece of surface computing, is conscious speech recognition. It’s not like that personality, it has a name, it just “PC”. and you can talk to each other and you can play it using touch, and make interaction with it at the time when you run it through touch. It’s just another way to make interaction with the computer “

Google reported yesterday that it acquired the company Clever Sense, which develops an application recommending restaurants and places named Alfred (not to be confused with the same application with the name Mac computers). According to the website TechCrunch Sense Clever team immediately joined the local service department at Google, the Internet giant that has strengthened in recent months. In September Google purchased the restaurant rating company Zagat to strengthen the Google Maps service, with local business ratings and reviews reliability. Quite possibly it is not relevant but strengthening rating and location services can allow Google to better interface feature of such a virtual assistant. It uses pots when today’s database Yelp for recommendations on restaurants and places in various parts of the U.S. (and later also in other countries).

Pots have been made to show the number of competing applications on the Android Market as well as App Store apps, however, come with rather limited functionality. A good example is the application Voice Actions launched by the company Nuance, the company is its voice recognition engine used in the pots in iOS 5. The application is reminiscent of the actions of pots and even comes with a “character” amusing but it’s still not it. Technology industry believe that Apple pots ahead of the capabilities of its competitors by the number of years but may be during the next year we’ll start to see a more interesting contest on the subject.

However differences in approach between Apple and Google on the subject interesting. Do you prefer “computer indifferent” simply doing what he is told or a personal assistant amusing character?


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