Requested the information from Facebook, received 1200 PDF files

An interesting issue related to privacy with Facebook is now Europe. The world’s largest social network keeps your information, even after you delete it.

Commissioner of the EU’s privacy will be forced soon to check out Facebook’s conduct practices with your personal information. The information you share social network, whether you erase it or not, there is still Facebook’s archives, and does not need backup. Affair, began with requesting information under the European law of 24 year student, who wanted a copy of the information that up for him.

Legal arena

Legal arena, those of you who have read recently released the Facebook’s terms and conditions must be noted that the company divides its global operations into two parts: the United States and Ireland. All social network users in the United States who are communicating, contractual, with the American Facebook. Residents of the rest of the world interact with Facebook Ireland, there is Facebook’s European center and also in other European bodies.

One reason might be made up for open its main European branch specifically in Ireland, over tax breaks, is the existence of some EU institutions there, next to European centers of many international companies and others.

The information belongs to the social network

Up for information on each of its users. It starts with the information you enter to open your account continues to personal information, dates of birth and on to any piece of information network ever you raise. Some things are obvious, like photos and status updates. Facebook also stores the information on those things done ‘Lake’, those things officially shared with other people, and of course your interaction within the network, whether it directly with advertisers or other users.

In fact, several years ago revealed a problematic practice of Facebook employees, who used to get statistics of people they know, or a celebrity. Facebook has learned that even after following your browsing in Facebook, and some profile and who you went, what day and time it was, and how many times did you do that.

This information is only a tip of the iceberg in terms of information that Facebook collects about you. In fact, very possible that Facebook collects information about you even if you do not have Facebook yet. The information you need is to get your friends, acquaintances and relatives, who leaves, with or without realizing it, your personal information when they raise their information. How often did you discover that someone else put your picture on Facebook? Even if he did not tag you, it is still more common than you think.

Indirect information (EXIF, META)

Facebook also collects information indirectly, the common user of the social network did not aware that he provides her. For example, all pictures taken with digital camera, including that from your total and specific information, stored in the EXIF ​​tags. This information includes the name of the camera, when the video camera data, and will also include your coordinates if you have not canceled this possibility.

Incidentally, it may also state your attach your camera serial number when she shoots a picture. Thus, every image you upload to Facebook, you provide not only a picture of how you look, and how people close to you look, but you give her a lot more information. With a collection of points geotagged, for example, pinpointing network can be made relating to entertainment and living habits of the user, and find information related to lifestyle.


Advertisers compare information

All this information is a goldmine for Facebook. Why? Because it has a monopoly on advertising within Facebook. Is a control unit, because that created a private space run – her hand, and she determines to whom it allows to publish, and who does not. In addition, the company can offer advertisers additional service fee, which she will show advertisers just for people interested in the product or service.

For example, we know that products are often the man did not interest women, and vice versa. But, Facebook can offer advertisers far beyond identifying the sex of the user. She knows what his age, what his habits, since it connects to Facebook and have the buttons of Facebook, the collections of most information about the largest sites online today. She also knows where he works, and what are his interests. She knows that to compare them to those areas of his friends, and then offer him a product of his friends loved, or even just click the link to be interested and find out information.

This information is worth a lot of money to advertisers, because they can concentrate and display targeted advertisements to Facebook users, and – thereby significantly increasing the chances you click a link and maybe move on to purchase a product or service they are trying to advertise.


Europe sober up

Europe has recently awakened from a nightmare, when a law student from Vienna, decided he wanted to run right by Hdrktiva European, and require Facebook to send him all the information that has it. Hdrktiva European Continental allows every citizen to demand it from Facebook, to check the integrity of that information and whether it is true or accurate.

That student, Max flattening (Max Schrems) from Vienna, asked Facebook in a copy of all information to be up for it. After a while, he received a CD with a PDF file from 1200 that include all the information that up for him (see also the attached video).

One of the main problems arise from the Max, is that Facebook continued to keep her a copy of the information that is already deleted in the past. Strange thing, because apparently, after the user removes the information from the site, the only reason that Facebook should keep this information, if any, is to backup, or in accordance with national law. Since local law relevant here is the European Court, it is unclear what led to the Facebook to keep the personal information of Max, who had already been deleted, with her, and her use.

As happened in similar cases, here too hard to tell in advance which way it goes. Commissioner of the EU’s privacy may receive the request, and to investigate the issue with Facebook. Facebook may voluntarily consider changing the policy manual, or she’ll try to eliminate this issue under the surface.

Meanwhile, the world, specifically Europe, waiting to see how to develop the case, and how you choose to Facebook respond to revelations that she stores the information of users, it clearly states that the terms of use continues to be one of them or her own needs, and whether users have any way of getting her to delete their information from Facebook permanently. More information you can read here



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