How Facebook really worth?

With profit stands at nearly a billion dollars in 2011, where social networking is expected to turn in the next year and whether Zuckerberg will allow the issue?

Reviews and rumors in recent days that run on Facebook’s welfare concerns the first three quarters of 2011 which stands at more than 700 million dollars. This amount is expected to grow following the financial data of the last quarter of 2011.


How much you worth to Facebook?

If you ever wondered how much you worth to Facebook, there may be an answer to this question. Probably every user account on Facebook is equal to about one dollar of profit, after deducting the company’s expenses.

Facebook, the world’s largest social network, making giant strides not only become the first social network with a billion users, but also one of the most profitable.


Advertising is money

Advertising is money, and hand washes. Advertisers buy advertising rights within Facebook to get to them a billion users, that half of them join the social network every day. Facebook is no problem to allow the various advertisements, and does not bother her to take your picture and use it to advertise various brands. So it makes identification of the various users with advertisers’ brands through, and one part of the equation enters the other side, when the primary winner is the winner of the process, ie – Facebook.

Total control of Facebook in the ring virtual created, where people enjoy sharing with each other information, photos, status updates, locations, videos, games, and more, allows Facebook set the tone, and as we spend more time social networking, and performed more tasks, She likes us more. Therefore, Facebook is worth making an effort to make its social network where you will spend as much screen time your daily browsing.


Cash Cache

When armed with a growing cache of cash, Facebook is currently the situation, more than ever, which she could not afford to go shopping and buy competing companies, and companies that complement the services it has to offer. On the face, the purchase of start-ups with dedicated technologies have come up for consideration are important, by default, but, if she will wait a little and earn a larger sum, it can threaten even the companies entirely different magnitude.

Goldman Sachs clients must be happy leaking. If the information prove to be true, it might suggest that the company is in much better shape than it was at the beginning of 2011, and 2012 looks at this as a very positive year for Facebook, financially. In practice, whether the company will soon go IPO? Mark probably would wait with it some more.


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