Shadow Scanner – Forensic Shadow Volume Analyzer

Shadow Scanner : This program will compare shadow volumes on a Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system against the active files on the system. Examiners can quickly identify files which exist in the Shadow Volumes that are no longer present on the active file system. It also locates previous versions of files found on the active file system.

 This truly unique product allows examiners to preview changes made to files over time by comparing the historical shadow volumes (“backups”) of the files 1) against each other, and/or 2) against the “live” version of the file.


Shadow Scanner requires Java 1.7
Download Here: 64 bit Java 1.7   |   32 bit Java 1.7

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Terminals – 2 Beta 4 Release

Terminals is a secure, multi tab terminal services/remote desktop client. It uses Terminal Services ActiveX Client (mstscax.dll). The project started from the need of controlling multiple connections simultaneously. It is a complete replacement for the mstsc.exe (Terminal Services) client.

Supported server protocols:

  • Windows remote desktop (RDP)
  • VNC
  • VMRC
  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • RAS
  • ICA Citrix
  • HTTP and HTTPs based viewers


User Interface :

  • Multi tab interface
  • Open terminal in full screen, switch between full screen mode
  • Resizable terminal window
  • Attached and dettached Windows
  • Connections history
  • Customizable toolbars
  • Open custom application from Terminals window
  • Toolbar for computer control panel applets

Connection Options :

  • Select one of available protocols and custom port
  • Terminal fonts and colors (ssh)
  • Automatically connect with stored credentials
  • Custom connection icon
  • Screen size and screen mode (RDP)
  • Before connection scripts
  • Organize connections by Tags

Networking Tools :

  • Ping
  • Tracert
  • DNS tools
  • Wake on lan
  • Port scanner
  • Shares
  • Services
  • Who is?
  • Interfaces

Microsoft Shared Source Community License (MS-CL)

Download In here : Zipper size 4,4 mb

BlocksKit 1.0.0 Released


Blocks in C and Objective-C are downright magical. They make coding easier and potentially quicker, not to mention faster on the front end with multithreading and Grand Central Dispatch. BlocksKit hopes to facilitate this kind of programming by removing some of the annoying – and, in some cases, impeding – limits on coding with blocks.

BlocksKit is a framework andr static library for iOS 4.0+ and Mac OS X 10.6+.

what in the box

  • Performing blocks on an NSObject, with or without delay.
  • Key-value observation (<NSKeyValueObserving>) with block handlers.
  • Associated objects in an Obj-C API. (Not directly block-related.)
  • NSArray, NSSet, NSDictionary, and NSIndexSet filtering and enumeration.
  • Filtering for mutable collections.
  • NSInvocation creation using a block.
  • NSTimer block execution.
  • Both delegation and block callbacks on NSURLConnection.
  • Delegate callback for NSCache.

UIKit Extensions

  • UIAlertView, UIActionSheet with block callbacks and convenience methods.
  • Block initializers for UIControl and UIBarButtonItem.
  • Block initializers for UIGestureRecognizer.
  • On-touch utilities for UIView.
  • Block callbacks for MFMailComposeViewController and MFMessageComposeViewController.
  • Delegate alternative for UIWebView.

Download : For iOSX and iOS  Or read more in here