Dafuscator is a database data obfuscation system that allows you to tactically obfuscate or delete data out of your production database while leaving most of the data intact. Real data behaves differently than fake generated data, so when testing, performing QA or sending a database off to a 3rd party for testing you can maintain Sarbanes Oxley and HIPPA compliance by changing PIA (Personally Identifiable Information) while still keeping most data intact for testing or analysis.

Provided generators :

  • Account Number An account number that could be used to replace an external or internal account number (Example: G5B-2M1QU1F)
  • Address Can generate 3 address lines (Street, Suite and C/O) (Example: 3127 Lafayette Walk)
  • Character Random single character generator (Example: Z)
  • City Name Real city names from the United States (Example: Truesdale)
  • Company Name Generates a real looking company name with optional suffix (Inc, LLC, PLC, etc) (Example: Microcada L.L.C.)
  • Country Real country names (Example: Honduras)
  • Date Generate a random date within a range (Example: 10/5/1986)
  • Email Address Real looking email address (Example: pBlevins@Ventureloft.net)
  • First Name String (Example: Cori)
  • Last Name String (Example: Pressman)
  • Login Unique, realistic login name generator (Example: AObando187)
  • Number Random Number Generator (Example: 19875)
  • Phone Number Phone number generator with optional area code (Example: 597-458-1974)
  • Social Security Number Generates an invalid, but real looking SSN (Example: 937-58-0360)
  • State Real state names (Example: Nevada)
  • String Random Strings (Character, Numbers and Special Characters) (Example: eFRmdMGj)
  • Url Top Level Domain Url generator, human readable and real looking (Example: http://www.Graynet.org)
  • Zip Code (Postal Code) Zip codes and optional 4 digit suffix (Example: 23341-1377)
  • Clear (Eraser) Replaces data with empty strings or NULL (Example: “”/NULL)
  • Full Name Full real name with optional middle initial or full middle name (Example: Maira Nidia Lamothe)
  • Stock Symbol Real stock symbol generator from multiple exchanges (Equities, Indexes, ETF’s, Funds) (Example: ASCRX)
  • Stock Name Equity, Index, ETF and Fund names from multiple exchanges (Example: Lodgian Inc.)
  • Hex Random Hex Generator (Example: 0xF31A59D)
  • Guid Random Guid Generator (Example: {21EC2020-3AEA-1069-A2DD-08002B30309D})
  • Token Generates a string given a user supplied pattern (Example: {random})

Licensed under the Microsoft Public License (MS-PL)

You will need the .Net Framework 4 and Database to use Dafuscator.

Download in here | or read more in here


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