Detecting Dangerous Queries: A New Approach for Chosen Ciphertext Security


A central goal of public key cryptography is to design encryption systems that are secure against chosen ciphertext attacks. Public key encryption systems that are chosen ciphertext attack (CCA) secure are robust against powerful adversaries that are able to leverage interaction with a decryptor. Such an attacker is modeled by allowing him to query for the decryption of any ciphertext except a challenge ciphertext for which he is trying to break. This includes ciphertexts derived from the challenge ciphertext . Due to its robustness against powerful attackers, chosen ciphertext security has become the accepted goal for building secure encryption. For this reason, building chosen ciphertext secure systems has been a central pursuit of cryptographers for over twenty years and we have seen many distinct approaches to achieving CCA security

Category : ciphertext security, encryption

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