DotSpatial Release Candidate 3

DotSpatial is developed by members of the MapWindow GIS open source team, and the broader OSGeo .NET developer community. Please join the OSGeo .NET mailing list . You can also see a list of our steering committee members and join our growing list of volunteers

Project Vision: DotSpatial aims to provide a free, open source, consistent and dependable set of libraries for .NET, Silverlight and Mono, enabling developers to easily incorporate spatial data, analysis, and mapping into their applications thereby unleashing the massive potential of GIS in solutions for organizations and communities of all types in a nonrestrictive way.

High Speed Video Demos: If you are new to DotSpatial, start by watching these videos. Note that the name spaces have changed a bit from these videos, but this is a great way to see what DotSpatial is all about.

Download in Here :