Botnet operators to have worked in anti-virus company

After an investigation of Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit of the alleged operator of the Kelihos botnets in the past from a producer of “firewalls, virus scanners and security software” as a project manager and developer has worked. This comes from an amended complaint (PDF file) shows that Microsoft has presented yesterday, Monday, the U.S. District Court of Eastern Virginia.

To which company this is it exactly, but left open Microsoft. Research by the security expert Brian Krebs, according to this it should be Agnitum act from the St. Petersburg, Russia. Agnitum has made ​​himself especially with the Personal Firewall Outpost name.

Cancer refers to information that has made the alleged botnet on his profile in the business network Xing. Accordingly, the 31-year-old suspect was allegedly worked from 2005 to 2007 for the company. He currently works as a freelancer, Microsoft said in a company for software consulting and development.

The botnet Kelihos had Microsoft in September in cooperation with the security company Kaspersky Labs, Inc. and Cyrus successfully shut down . At this point, the botnet operator had more than 40,000 infected computers under his control. According to Microsoft, you could send with that infrastructure every day up to 3.8 billion spam mails.