Ani-Shell V1.5 released

Ani-Shell is a PHP remote shell, basically used for remote access and security pen testing. Ani-Shell provides a robust and a basic interface to access the file system, do some networking tweaks and even test your server for some common security vulnerabilities. The developer has tried to follow a coding standard which makes the code a little clean and easier to understand, Note: How you use this shell is exactly on you, and author pays no responsibility for what you use it for and what may be the consequences.


  • Shell
  • Mass Mailer
  • DDos
  • Web-Server Fuzzer
  • Uploader
  • Design
  • Login
  • Mass Code Injector (Appender and Overwriter)
  • Encoded Title
  • Back Connect
  • Bind Shell
  • Lock Mode Customisable
  • Tracebacks (email alerts)
  • PHP Evaluate
  • PHP MD5 Cracker
  • Anti-Crawler
  • Mass Deface
New in this version 1.5
  1. Better CSS
  2. Intelligent File Manager
  3. Auto Rooter
  4. PHP Obfuscator
  5. Google Dork Creator

Download Latest Version : Ani-Shell (19.9 kB)

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