SSCH (Security Status Cheker)

SSCH is a security checker with transition graph to trace the vulnerabilities up to its effects.

This tool clarifies the vulnerabilities which exist in the following software.

– Adobe Acrobat Reader
– Adobe Air
– Adobe Flash Player
– Apple iTunes
– Apple Safari
– Google Chrome
– Mozilla Firefox
– Mozilla Thunderbird
– Microsoft Excel
– Microsoft Excel Viewer
– Microsoft Internet Explorer
– Sun Java JRE


  • check the vulnerability on your computer
  • trace the impact from the vulnerabilities
  • output the transition graph

SSCH uses the following information.

– [NVD (National Vulnerability Database)](
– [CWE (Common Weakness Enumeration)](
– [CAPEC (Common Attack Pattern Enumeration and Classification)](
You need to install the following information on your computer.

– GraphViz (
SSCH Perl script is using following modules.

– File::Basename
– HTTP::Request::Common
– LWP::UserAgent
– XML::Simple
– XML::Parser
– XML::Parser::Expat
– Win32::Registry
– Data::Dumper
– GraphViz
– HTML::Template

1. Unzip download file at arbitrary folder.
– Open up a cmd.
– Browse the folder which unzip files.
– Type command ‘ssch’.
– SSCH output result to ‘result’ folder.

Usage: ssch.exe [NvdFeed] (4.2 MB)

or read more in here :