Xenta Framework

Xenta Framework is the extensible enterprise n-tier application framework with multilayered architecture. It is an open source project and available for free. Developed in .NET/C# programming language. Initially targeted to web based solutions. Licensed under the MIT license.

Release Notes

  • Changed solution structure
  • Changed framework architecture
  • Database normalization
  • Changed globalization, membership, security, file system, etc. subsystems
  • Removed all unnecessary client applications
  • Simplified service layer usage

Installtion guide(for developers)

  • Use the Install.sql script to install database
  • Change the data source connection string in Infrastructure.config file of the IisHost project
  • Open solution in Visual Studio 2010
  • Set the WebAdmin project as startup
  • Start debugging by pressing F5

Platform Windows

Download latest version 1.7 Betahttp://xenta.codeplex.com/

Find Other Version  Or read more in here : http://xenta.net/