Sipvicious V 0.2.7 released

SIPVicious suite is a set of tools that can be used to audit SIP based VoIP systems.

Changelog For V-0.2.7 :

  • Feature: has a new option -b which bruteforces the attacker’s port
  • Feature: now tries the extension as password by default, automatically
  • Feature: and now support setting of source port
  • Feature: new parameter –domain can be passed to all tools which specifies a custom domain in the SIP uri instead of the destination IP
  • Feature: new –debug switch which shows the messages recieved
  • Bug fix: Sometimes nonces could not be extracted due to an incorrect regex
  • Bug fix: Fixed an unhandled exception when decoding tags
  • Bug fix: now using hashlib when available instead of md5
  • Bug fix: removed the space after the SIP address in the From header which led to newer version of Asterisk to ignore the SIP messages
  • Bug fix: dictionaries with new lines made stop without this fix
  • Change: renamed everything to start with sv
  • Bug fix: changed the way shelved files are opened by the fingerprinting module
  • Change: fingerprinting disabled by default since it was giving too many problems and very little benefits

Download : linuxsipvicious-0.2.7.tar.gz

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