dbSQWare – shell scripts for RDBMS exploitation (Oracle, Sybase, SqlServer, …)

– open source shell scripts for RDBMS exploitation

– dbSQWare™ is designed for DBAs to facilitate the daily operation of all databases to which they are responsible

– dbSQWare™ can federate operation on databases Oracle, Sybase, SqlServer, MySql and Ingres through a common and homogeneous socle. The design of this toolkit provides great flexibility and customization

– Repositories management of DBMS park (CMDB) in a database.

– Current and advanced operations on DBMSs Oracle, Sybase, MSSQL, MySql and Ingres: (Backups, Restore, Restorations, Reorganizations, Statistics, …)

– Collection of indicators and capacity planning with recovery in a database. Check these indicators (collection, volumes, backups, …) and send alert mails.

– Central management of instances (access, scripts execution and automatic controls, …)


  • Backups scripts for Oracle (RMAN), Sybase (dump), MySql (mysqldump), MsSql (backup) and Ingres (ckpdb)
  • Gather indicators and web site for dbas and end users to display indicators
  • Statistics scripts for Sybase, Oracle, MySql, MsSql and Ingres
  • Reorganization scripts for Sybase (reorg), Oracle (shrink), MySql (optimize), MsSql and Ingres
  • And others exploitation scripts for Sybase, Oracle, MySql, MsSql and Ingres.

Download Latest Version : dbSQWare_full_latest.tgz (1.9 MB)

Find Other version | Read more in here : http://www.dbsqware.com/