netsniff-ng v0.5.6 – The packet sniffing beast

netsniff-ng is a high performance Linux network sniffer for packet inspection. It is similar to analyzers like tcpdump, but without the need to perform system calls for fetching network packets. A memory-mapped area within kernelspace will be used for accessing packets, so there is no requirement for copying them to userspace (a ‘zero-copy’ mechanism). For this purpose, netsniff-ng is libpcap independent, but nevertheless supports the pcap file format for capturing, replaying, and performing offline analysis of pcap dumps. The project is focused on building a robust, clean, and secure analyzer and utilities that complete netsniff-ng as a support for penetration testing. netsniff-ng can be used for protocol analysis, reverse engineering, and network debugging.

Release Notes V0.5.6: The authors have thrown away the old netsniff-ng 0.5.5 code and rewritten netsniff-ng from scratch. It has even grown into a toolkit, so next to netsniff-ng, the tools trafgen, bpfc, ifpps, flowtop, curvetun, and ashunt are now available
Platform : Unix/Linux
Download : netsniff-ng-0.5.6.tar 
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ERPXE v-1.01

ERPXE is a complete PXE solution featuring a broad range of recovery tools and various OS installations in one box. ERPXE is a free and open source project, which uses the GNU General Public License version 3. Our primary goal is to make the PXE experience less “painful” for the entire IT society

Features : 

  • OS Deployment
  • Network Security
  • Recovery Tools
you must read README for install plugins

Download latest version :  erpxe-1.01.tar.gz (4.9 MB) 
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SQLSentinel v0.1 beta – OpenSource tool for sql injection security testing

SQLSentinel is an opensource tool that automates the process of finding the sql injection on a website. SQLSentinel includes a spider web and sql errors finder. You give in input a site and SQLSentinel crawls and try to exploit parameters validation error for you. When job is finished, it can generate a pdf report which contains the url vuln found and the url crawled.
Please remember that SQLSentinel is not an exploiting tool. It can only finds url Vulnerabilities.

Download latest version : (1.9 MB) 
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Astaro V7.511

Astaro Security Gateway (formerly Astaro Security Linux) is an all-in-one network security gateway that includes a firewall, intrusion protection, antivirus, spam protection, URL filtering, and a VPN gateway. Features include a modern packet filter, intrusion detection and prevention, portscan detection, application control, content filtering, virus detection for email and Web traffic, profile handling, L2TP, IPSec, SSL, and PPTP VPN tunneling, spam blocking, proxies for HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, DNS, VoIP, SOCKS, and Ident, logging, and reporting. It supports Ethernet, VLAN, PPP, PPPoE, PPPoA, Cable Modem, IPv6, QoS, Link Aggregation, and WAN-Uplink-Load balancing in routing, and bridge mode. The WebAdmin GUI, Install Wizard, Change Tracking, Printable Configuration, and Up2Date service make it easy to install, manage, and maintain.

Release Notes V7.511: This Up2Date addresses some minor bugs, improves the stability and performance of RED and Wireless under Version 7, and increases the performance of Web Security when used with Authentication. No major changes or new features have been introduced
Download : asg-7.511-110614-1.iso (625.4M)

MD: asg-7.511-110614-1.iso.md5 
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HTML5 Top 10 Threats Stealth Attacks and Silent Exploit

Abstract : HTML5 is an emerging stack for next generation applications. HTML5 is enhancing browser capabilities  and able to execute Rich Internet Applications in the context of modern browser architecture.  Interestingly HTML5 can run on mobile devices as well and it makes even more complicated. HTML5 is  not a single technology stack but combination of various components like XMLHttpRequest (XHR),  Document Object model (DOM), Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) and enhanced HTML/Browser  rendering. It brings several new technologies to the browser which were not seen before like  localstorage, webSQL, websocket, webworkers, enhanced XHR, DOM based XPATH to name a few. It has  enhanced attack surface and point of exploitations for attacker and malicious agents. By leveraging  these vectors one can craft stealth attacks and silent exploits, it is hard to detect and easy to  compromise…Read more in here [PDF Format]


MyLogin Beta

mylogin is a free tool to help logging in a remote host or/and start some local logging activities.  it partially implemented some key functions in secureCRT, while still really small and kind of flexible.

Platform : Unix/Linux
Download latest version : mylogin.conf (8.3 kB) 
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Update WPS Crack Gui V1.1.5

Graphical interface to the network cracking WPS Reaver.


  • Graphic User Interface (GUI) WPS encryption cracking.
  • Advanced Attack with Generic Dictionary.
  • Advanced Dictionary Attack with Enhanced.
  • Updated Assisted Reaver-WPS.
  • Database with PINs.
  • Change MAC Address.
  • Supported in Gt and Gtk.
  • Scan networks.

Platform :  unix/Linux

Changelog V1.1.5:
– Added recovery system missed session.
– Database Pines: # 44.
– Improved change MAC Address.
– Fixed errors in general.

language  :  Spanish

Download Latest Version :  WPSCrackGUI v1.1.5 (128.1 kB)

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