httpry v-0.1.7 released

httpry is a specialized packet sniffer designed for displaying and logging HTTP traffic. It is not intended to perform analysis itself, but to capture, parse, and log the traffic for later analysis. It can be run in real-time displaying the traffic as it is parsed, or as a daemon process that logs to an output file. It is written to be as lightweight and flexible as possible, so that it can be easily adaptable to different applications.

Changelog version 0.1.7
* added an option (-P) to specify the PID filename
* fixed compiling under OSX
* changed IPv6 parsing to follow extension headers if present
* changed rate statistics code to use a hash table data structure
* added a rps threshold option (-l) when in rate statistics mode
* changed rps display mode to -s, -t now just sets the display interval

Download Latest version : httpry-0.1.7.tar.gz

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