Genode – Operating System Framework release V12.02

The Genode operating-system framework provides a uniform API for applications on top of 8 existing microkernels/hypervisors: Linux, L4ka::Pistachio, L4/Fiasco, OKL4, NOVA, Fiasco.OC, Codezero, and a custom kernel for the MicroBlaze architecture.


  • operating-system framework
  • Nitpicker GUI
  • drivers for PCI, PS/2, VESA graphics, ethernet NICs, USB HID and storage
  • support for Linux x86-32, Linux x86-64, OKL4 x86, OKL4 gta01 (ARM), CodeZero, NOVA, L4::Pistachio, and L4/Fiasco

Download Latest Version : genode-12.02.tar.bz2 (7.6 MB)

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