RPSTIR beta – Relying Party Security Technology for Internet Routing

Raytheon BBN Technologies is pleased to present the Relying Party Security Technology for Internet Routing (RPSTIR, pronounced “rip-stir”). RPSTIR helps network operators detect and reject accidental, false route origin advertisements, thus reducing the likelihood of inadvertent Internet address space hijacking. Using the global Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI), RPSTIR securely generates a list of authorized prefix-origin AS pairs. This list can be used by the RTR protocol, enabling routers to detect false origin announcements due to errors by network operators, e.g., the Pakistan Telecom hijack of YouTube address space. RPSTIR also offers an RPSL output option, enabling operators to generate route filters, compatible with existing, deployed router and operations software. In addition to enabling operators to utilize RPKI data, RPSTIR also provides fine-grained diagnostic tools for those who publish RPKI data.

Platform : Bsd & Linux

Download Latest Version : rpstir-0.3.tar.gz (1.4 MB)

Find other version | read more in here : http://rpstir.sourceforge.net/