SFuzz – Simple Fuzzer V0.7.0 released

Simple Fuzzer is a simple fuzzing framework which allows rapid development of protocol fuzzers for blackbox testing. It can fuzz across networks using TCP/UDP, IP4/IP6, and can be extended via plugins to perform in-depth fuzzing.

Release Notes v0.7.0: Block-based fuzzing has been added, and is still implemented in a simple fashion. A number of memory corruption bugs in the string replacement engine have been resolved. A basic browser-fuzzer is included in this release. The start of a fuzzing oracle to monitor program health is included. While it is not close to the design of the final version, it should be functional to save off crashes

Download :

Windowssfuzz-0.7.0.zip | Linuxsfuzz-0.7.0.tar.bz2

Read more in here : http://aconole.brad-x.com/programs/sfuzz.html