SimpleSiteAudit (SSA) V1.1

SimpleSiteAudit (SSA) is a PHP script you upload onto your webhosting that continuously monitors the files on your webserver and contacts you if it detects any modifications, deletions or additions to your server and to any existing files.

How To Intallation & Configure:

SSA will email you if it:

  • detects changes in any existing files since it was last run
  • detects any new files since it was last run
  • detects any files are missing since it was last run

Platform :Windows & linux
Download Latest version : (36.2 kB)
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SQL Server Label Security Toolkit V-2.0

The Label Security Toolkit provides tools and techniques for using Microsoft® SQL Server (versions 2005 through 2012) to implement row-level security (RLS) and cell-level security (CLS) based on security labels.

The major components of the Toolkit are:

• The Label Policy Designer application
• Documentation
• Examples showing the implementation of row- and cell-level security in different scenarios

The toolkit complements the whitepaper : SQL Server 2012 CLS&RLS [word document]
For more information about securing SQL Server, visit :