Update Seccubus V2.0 beta3

Tool to automatically fire regular security scans with Nessus. Compare results of the current scan with the previous scan and report on the delta in a web interface. Main objective of the tool is to make repeated scans more efficient. Not affiliated

Platform : Unix/Linux


  • Automated scanning with Nessus, Nikto and OpenVAS
  • Delta reporting
  • Findings are displayed in a web GUI
  • Findings can be filtered by host, port and plugin or any combination thereof

Seccubus V2 will have lots of new features in time: 

  1. • Importing scans (already supported via CLI)
  2. • Manual findings
  3. • Issues that group multiple findings together
  4. • Trouble ticket system integration
  5. • Reporting
  6. • Full audit trail

find other version | read more in here : http://seccubus.com/