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 BED is a program which is designed to check daemons for   potential buffer overflows, format string bugs et. al.   BED simply sends the commands to the server and checks   whether it is still alive afterwards.   Of course this will not detect all bugs of the specified   daemon but it will (at least it should) help you to   check your software for common vulnerabilities.

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  Author :

Eric Sesterhenn aka. ‘Snakebyte’



Martin J. Muench aka. ‘mjm’



Platform : Unix/Linux



IPv6 CARE, “IPv6 Compliant Automatic Runtime Environment”, provides an environment where applications instantly become IPv6-compliant (‘patch’ mode, see RFC6535). It can also generate a diagnosis about the IPv6 compliance of an application (‘check’ mode). It uses an LD_PRELOAD-based library injection technique.


  • Make applications IPv6 compliant without any recompilation
  • Provide IPv6 compliance diagnosis for applications

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Update Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) 4.5.1

Changes in 4.5.1 Final

1) Update release documents.

Changes in 4.5.1 RC 1

1) Update release documents.

2) Don’t automatically install ‘isusable’

3) Clean up TOS handling

Changes in 4.5.1 Beta 3

1) Add support for packager’s config file

2) Implement run-time gateway variables.

3) Add /sbin/shorewall-init

4) Don’t copy non-default mark layout settings during update.

Changes in 4.5.1 Beta 2

1) Remove some cruft from the Zones module.

2) Collapse the three ‘dont_’ members of the chain table into a single
‘optflags’ member.

3) Add DSCP match and target support.

4) Rework scripts and .spec files.

5) Fix standard init files.

Changes in 4.5.1 Beta 1

1) Add IMQ support.

2) Remove requirement to supply a mark value on the default class.

3) New install script structure.

4) Give warning when opposite flag is used in an ipset invocation.

5) Add a SWITCH column to the masq file.

6) Correct a typo in the blrules files.

7) Eliminate compiler crash from unknown IPv6 interface.

Changes in 4.5.0 Final

1) Update release documents.

Changes in 4.5.0 RC 2

1) Correct ‘get_routed_networks()’ in lib.core.

2) Move Samples and Manpages under their corresponding product

Changes in 4.5.0 RC 1

1) Sort the routing table in ‘show_routing’.

2) Restore shorewall-init functionality.

3) Correct ‘ip -p route’ commands for Proxy NDP.

Changes in 4.5.0 Beta 4

1) Implement load=<load-factor>

2) Add STARTOPTIONS and RESTARTOPTIONS to /etc/default/shorweall*

3) Ensure a routing rule targeting the main table when

Changes in 4.5.0 Beta 3

1) Move lib.core from Shorewall-core to Shorewall.

2) Make ‘0’ equivalent to ‘-‘ in the IN_BANDWIDTH column.

3) Fix MARK_IN_FORWARD_CHAIN=Yes with $FW source

4) Allow runtime address variables in the SOURCE column of

5) Add a PROBABILITY column to the tcrules file.

6) Don’t rm /usr/share/shorewall/wait4ifup during Shorewall install.

7) Combine prog.footer and prog.footer6

Changes in 4.5.0 Beta 2

1) Move common routines from prog.header/prog.header6 to lib.core.

2) Unify install between Shorewall and Shorewall6.

2) Unify install between Shorewall-lite and Shorewall6-lite.

Changes in 4.5.0 Beta 1

1) Reorganize blacklist and interface option handling.

2) Allow <timeout> on safe- commands.

3) Add Shorewall Core package


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