Update Shoreline Firewall (Shorewall) 4.5.1

Changes in 4.5.1 Final

1) Update release documents.

Changes in 4.5.1 RC 1

1) Update release documents.

2) Don’t automatically install ‘isusable’

3) Clean up TOS handling

Changes in 4.5.1 Beta 3

1) Add support for packager’s config file

2) Implement run-time gateway variables.

3) Add /sbin/shorewall-init

4) Don’t copy non-default mark layout settings during update.

Changes in 4.5.1 Beta 2

1) Remove some cruft from the Zones module.

2) Collapse the three ‘dont_’ members of the chain table into a single
‘optflags’ member.

3) Add DSCP match and target support.

4) Rework install.sh scripts and .spec files.

5) Fix standard init files.

Changes in 4.5.1 Beta 1

1) Add IMQ support.

2) Remove requirement to supply a mark value on the default class.

3) New install script structure.

4) Give warning when opposite flag is used in an ipset invocation.

5) Add a SWITCH column to the masq file.

6) Correct a typo in the blrules files.

7) Eliminate compiler crash from unknown IPv6 interface.

Changes in 4.5.0 Final

1) Update release documents.

Changes in 4.5.0 RC 2

1) Correct ‘get_routed_networks()’ in lib.core.

2) Move Samples and Manpages under their corresponding product

Changes in 4.5.0 RC 1

1) Sort the routing table in ‘show_routing’.

2) Restore shorewall-init functionality.

3) Correct ‘ip -p route’ commands for Proxy NDP.

Changes in 4.5.0 Beta 4

1) Implement load=<load-factor>

2) Add STARTOPTIONS and RESTARTOPTIONS to /etc/default/shorweall*

3) Ensure a routing rule targeting the main table when

Changes in 4.5.0 Beta 3

1) Move lib.core from Shorewall-core to Shorewall.

2) Make ‘0’ equivalent to ‘-‘ in the IN_BANDWIDTH column.

3) Fix MARK_IN_FORWARD_CHAIN=Yes with $FW source

4) Allow runtime address variables in the SOURCE column of

5) Add a PROBABILITY column to the tcrules file.

6) Don’t rm /usr/share/shorewall/wait4ifup during Shorewall install.

7) Combine prog.footer and prog.footer6

Changes in 4.5.0 Beta 2

1) Move common routines from prog.header/prog.header6 to lib.core.

2) Unify install between Shorewall and Shorewall6.

2) Unify install between Shorewall-lite and Shorewall6-lite.

Changes in 4.5.0 Beta 1

1) Reorganize blacklist and interface option handling.

2) Allow <timeout> on safe- commands.

3) Add Shorewall Core package


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