StrongKey CryptoCabinet – Cloud file-encryption with centralized key-management.

The StrongKey CryptoCabinet is an application implemented using the Regulatory Compliant Cloud Computing (RC3) architecture.

It allows you to encrypt files of any-type-any-size and move the ciphertext to a public/private cloud – such as AWS, Azure, Eucalyptus (with OpenStack coming soon) – and/or local/network drives while keeping your cryptographic keys secure and centrally managed OUTSIDE the cloud.

The StrongKey CryptoCabinet leverages the StrongKey CryptoEngine – another open-source project on this site – to perform the cryptography and cloud-integration. The CryptoCabinet is purely a sample application to show how the CryptoEngine can be used. The true power of the CryptoEngine is realized when you use it within your own applications to implement the RC3 architecture.

The downloaded versions of CroptCabinet and CryptoEngine here use a DEMO StrongAuth KeyAppliance to store cryptographic keys. Use this ONLY FOR DEMO purposes. Contact us for your Production needs.

Download Latest Version : (59.6 MB)
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