SSLyze v0.4 Released

Better, faster scanner to analyze the configuration of SSL servers.


  • Supports cipher suites scanning, insecure renegotiation verification, session resumption testing, client certificates, and more…
  • Tested on Python 2.6 & 2.7 with Ubuntu and Windows 7, both 32 and 64 bits. Might work on other platforms as well.
  • Based on OpenSSL and a custom SSL Python wrapper.

Changelog SSLyze v0.4 :

  • Support for OpenSSL 1.0.1 and TLS 1.1 and 1.2 scanning. See –tlsv1_1 and –tlsv1_2.
  • Support for HTTP CONNECT proxies. See –https_tunnel.
  • Support for StartTLS with SMTP and XMPP. See –starttls.
  • Improved/clarified output.
  • Various bug fixes.

Platform : Windows & Unix/Linux

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TrafficSqueezer FREE WAN Optimization

TrafficSqueezer is an Open-Source Project which provides WAN Network Traffic Acceleration solution, Internet Optimization solution, and any generic Network Data Communications Optimization and acceleration solution through a set of procedures on a Linux based network device released under: GNU General Public License – v2 & BSD License – clause2


  • Packet Compression
  • Email Optimization
  • DPI Filters
  • Packet Templating
  • Packet Coalescing or Packet Multiplexing
  • Historical Statistics
  • FREE Aquarium GUI for TrafficSqueezer
  • HTTP Protocol Optimization
  • Transparent Bridging Mode (Layer2 L2 Bridging)
  • Routing Mode
  • Local Device and or Local Server Optimization Mode
  • L7filter Filters
  • High-Availability
  • QoS (Quality of Service)
  • TS Limited Firewall
  • Send TCP as UDP, Send UDP as TCP
  • IPv6 Support
  • Squid Support + FREE Squid GUI via Aquarium GUI
  • TCP Optimization and Acceleration
  • WAN Simulator
  • CDN – Content Distribution Networks Extensioins
  • Cloud Network Extensions
  • SaaS and IaaS Components
  • VPN Support
  • Application Specific Optimization

Download Latest Version :
trafficsqueezer_panda-cub_9.00.4_aquarium_panda-cub_5.00.4.tar.bz2 (82.9 MB)
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