etoolz v3.4.8

In the main program eToolz Internet and network programs, such as NS-Lookup, Ping, traceroute and whois are combined.

E-mail addresses can be checked at the respective MX server for validity. For domains, the most important DNS records (A, PTR, NS, SOA) will be displayed. eToolz supported internationalized domain names!

The program will eToolz not be installed. Since program data is stored in the program directory, it can also be used on a USB stick.
Some features of this program  😦 NS-Lookup , Whois , HTTP Headers , Google PageRank and mail check ) are also available as online tools and functions “Whois”, “HTTP header,” “Time” and “traceroute” is also for the console in the program package ” ConTools “available.

Chngelog Version 3.4.8:
[+]The server name in whois queries and the MX servers for mail check can now be added a port, which can also be accessed servers that do not use the default port.
[*]Due to a change in Google’s PageRank PageRank query the service has been updated. Querying multiple Google data center is no longer possible.
[*]Several minor changes to the interface.
[*]Minor changes to the English language file.

Platform : Windows
Download Latest Version : etoolz (1.6 MB) 
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