linux process explorer V1.0

Graphical process explorer for Linux. Shows process information: process tree, TCP IP connections and graphical performance figures for processes. Aims to mimic Windows procexp from sysinternals, and aims to be more usable than top and ps, especially for advanced users.

Audience for this tool:
* Advanced system administrators trying to analyze on process level what is going on in a production server;
* Software developers analyzing the troughput of their process: e.g. TCP throughput, memory usage, memory leaks;

The most advanced feature is the monitoring of TCP/IP traffic figures, for each SINGLE process (actual connections and throughput). As far as known no other tool has this capability. In the process tree, use the right mouse button to monitor process details.


  • Graphical performance figures
  • Hierarchical process tree, showing creation and destruction of processes
  • per process TCP/IP UDP connection and troughput monitoring
  • Environment variable display
  • Easy process tree kill using popup menu

Download :
procexp_1.0.178-0ubuntu1_all.deb (55.3 kB) 
process_explorer-1.0-189.noarch.rpm (110.7 kB) 

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Phuzzy – Php Fuzzer

Fuzzing is a technique of finding bugs by generating random function calls.

This script needs an sqlite database containing function information. This database can be obtained from

download the source code as a zip or tarball above.

Platform : Windows & Linux

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