Update vsResolver 3/23/2012

The python/dnspython Validating Stub Resolver – vsResolver

vsResolver is a DNSSEC validating stub resolver, for Windows, linux and Mac – the prerequisites are that dnspython and pycrypto must be installed. I’ve also built a py2exe package for it on Windows 7 x64 that wraps the prerequisites up into a folder so that there is no need to install anything – it’s self-contained. It should be possible to do the same for linux and Mac versions, so that there are no prerequistes for those platforms either.

vsResolver is a DNS validating stub resolver according to the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) as documented in RFC4033, RFC4034 and RFC4035. vsResolver requires at least a security aware recursive resolver against which it does queries. I test with unbound running on an Ubuntu box.

changelog 3/23/2012:
– added logging to FlaggableResolver, log queries
– fixed bug in nameHolder reverseDirection so it now works correctly when called mulitple times. added test case to test this.
– added RRSetSource.has_RRSIG() method
– major revision to vsResolver.py to fix several bad bugs in validation. Added 2 test cases. Passes all test cases.

Download : vsresolver-code.zip (30.1 kB) 
Read more in here : http://sourceforge.net/projects/vsresolver/