Update Mutillidae V-2.1.18

Change Log for Mutillidae 2.1.18:

  • The setup datebase page now clears HTML 5 Local and Session Storage
  • Fixed alignment issues with icons on the captured-data page.
  • Partially protected capture-data.php page so that the page can capture values that cause SQL injection. Other fields are left unprotected so users can practice sending SQL injections.
  • Added timestamp to records captured in the captured-data.txt text file
  • Added script to home page to add a value to HTML 5 storage when user visit the site. This will give users a web storage target to go after even if they dont visit the HTML 5 storage page.
  • Coverted log-visit.php from using the hitlog table to using the LogHandler class. This will help consolodate code into a single point of failure for the logging process. All the code has been removed from log-visit.php except a call to the LogHandler.
  • Adjusted top horizontal menu padding to move buttons closer together
  • Added two new buttons to the top horizontal menu to allow user to get to the view log page and the view captured data page easier.
  • Removed the gethostbyaddr() function from the LogHandler to prevent the long timeouts associated with the function when the DNS server is not available. If PHP changes so that the function has a timeout setting it will be brought back.
  • Changed delete icon from jpeg to a transparent PNG so the icon can be put inline to the table headers to save space.
  • Added delete log button to the show log page.
  • Rearranged the buttons on the show logs page, added new icons, and cleaned up the code
  • Added new information output about numner of records found to view logs page
  • Made the buttons on the captured data page smaller to free up some space
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