Deep Email Miner V-1.1

The Deep Email Miner Application is a software solution for the multistaged analysis of an Email Corpus. Social network analysis and text mining techniques are connected to enable an in depth view into the underlying information.
The self-executable Version 1.1 jar file will now run on Java 1.5 or higher.
A Windows executable file of Version 1.1 is also provided in the Files section.
Documentation can be found on the project homepage.


  • Create a social network of an email corpus with the employees as vertices
  • Edges indicate email traffic between two employees
  • Find clusters of employees
  • Rank nodes/edges on different centrality measures
  • Display network statistics
  • Detect email threads
  • Display emails
  • Add and remove network filters based on different email attributes and the number of emails sent
  • Display email corpus statistics
  • Label emails as business/private
  • Create a word list from the labelled emails
  • Create the word vectors of the labelled emails
  • Load the network and single emails from a database
  • Cache email bodies to balance the amount of database interaction and the program’s memory usage
  • Load/Save email labels to file
  • Export word vectors to .csv format
  • Export network to Pajek .net format

Platform : Windows & Unix/Linux
Download : DeepEmailMiner-1.1.jar (3.5 MB)
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