pwdgen V2.7 password generator (C,Autoit,perl,dos,win)

easy-to-use password generator, with minimum 1 character length. specifiable minimum numbers of digits, lower case, upper case, punctuation and you can enable them. Windows GUI version can copy to clipboard. php, autoit3, c++, javascript, perl libraries.


  • minimum 1 character
  • selectable upper case, lower case, punctuation, digits
  • specifiable minimum nimber of digits for upper case, lower case, digits, and punctuation
  • enhanced atoi64 library included (includes atou64, languages c++, js, php, autoit3)
  • pwdgen library included (languages php, js, autoit3, maybe c++, perl subroutine)

Download Latest Version : pwdgen-2.7-setup.exe (7.9 MB)
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Apprentice Video

This is a video rendering framework and test application. Decoding is currently implemented via ffmpeg 0.6 libs. Audio rendering is accomplished via portaudio v19. Video rendering is via OpenGL 1.2 or higher

Download Latest Version : apprenticevideo-r247-win32-x64.msi (13.0 MB)
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