pwdgen V2.7 password generator (C,Autoit,perl,dos,win)

easy-to-use password generator, with minimum 1 character length. specifiable minimum numbers of digits, lower case, upper case, punctuation and you can enable them. Windows GUI version can copy to clipboard. php, autoit3, c++, javascript, perl libraries.


  • minimum 1 character
  • selectable upper case, lower case, punctuation, digits
  • specifiable minimum nimber of digits for upper case, lower case, digits, and punctuation
  • enhanced atoi64 library included (includes atou64, languages c++, js, php, autoit3)
  • pwdgen library included (languages php, js, autoit3, maybe c++, perl subroutine)

Download Latest Version : pwdgen-2.7-setup.exe (7.9 MB)
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