Port Scan Attack Detector V2.2

The Port Scan Attack Detector (psad) is a collection of three system daemons that are designed to work with the Linux iptables firewalling code to detect port scans and other suspect traffic. It features a set of highly configurable danger thresholds (with sensible defaults), verbose alert messages, email alerting, DShield reporting, and automatic blocking of offending IP addresses. Psad incorporates many of the packet signatures included in Snort to detect various kinds of suspicious scans, and implements the same passive OS fingerprinting algorithm used by p0f.

Release Notes Version 2.2: This release adds detection of IPv6 attacks and malicious traffic by parsing ip6tables logs, validation of ICMP6 type/code combinations, a new comprehensive test suite in the test/ directory, a 15% speedup over previous psad releases, a bugfix for the &LOG_DAEMON() error noticed by a few users, and a bugfix for the “qw() used as parentheses” warning for recent versions of Perl

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