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asyncoro is a Python framework for developing concurrent programs with asynchronous completions and coroutines. Asynchronous completions currently implemented in asyncoro are socket I/O operations (non-blocking sockets), database cursors, sleep timers and locking primitives. Programs developed with asyncoro have same logic and structure as Python programs with threads, except for a few syntactic changes. asyncoro supports socket I/O notification mechanisms epoll, kqueue, /dev/poll (and poll and select, where necessary), and Windows I/O Completion Ports (IOCP) for high performance and scalability, and SSL for security

Features :

  • Concurrent Programming with Coroutines
  • Asynchronous (non-blocking) Sockets, Database Cursors
  • epoll, kqueue, devpoll, poll and IO Completion Ports
  • Hot swapping/code switching of coroutine function

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