EPG – Extended Password Generator V2.0 released

EPG – Extended Password Generator is an unique tool which can help you to generate pronounceable and random passwords, secure against brute-force dictionary attacks.

Recen releasead Changes in 2.0: – Implemented checking user’s provided passwords – No more MFC, 100% written with ATL/WTL (including Grid, Clipboard, printing, etc) – Visual Studio 2010 – WTL 8.1 – Boost 1.49

This algorithm was initially suggested by National Technical Information Service (NTIS), developed at Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) No181 “Automated Password Generator” and modified by me to implement exclude/include scheme

Platform : Windows
Download :  http://sourceforge.net/projects/epg/files/epg/2.0/
Read more in here : http://epg.sourceforge.net/