Anubis cypher implementation in PHP

ANUBIS is a block cipher designed by Vincent Rijmen and Paulo S. L. M. Barreto that operates on data blocks of length 128 bits, and uses keys of length 128 to 320 bits in steps of 32 bits. Really it’s just a variety of Rijndael cipher so it supposed to be as strong as original Rijndael is. The authors claim the algorithm to be secure against a number of attacks, including four-round differential and linear analysis, as well as related-key, interpolation, boomerang, truncated differential, impossible differential, and saturation attacks. Although many involutional components can make a cipher more susceptible to distinguishing attacks exploiting the cycle structure of permutations within the cipher, no attack strategy for the Anubis cipher has been presented. Today only bruteforce attack can be applied to this cipher.


ANUBIS is not (and will never be) patented. It may be used free of charge
for any purpose.

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