Himitsu – Toolset for generating domain-specific passwords from a master password.


* key = substring(base64m(sha1(sha1(target) ^ sha1(master)), 0, 12)


* target – site/domain name

* master – master password



* Strings “target” and “master” are hashed using SHA-1.

* Those resulting hashes are XOR’ed together symmetrically.

* Result is rehashed using SHA-1.

* Binary string is turned to ASCII using *non-standard* base64 lookup string:


Note that the two last characters are 0 and 1.

* First 12 characters from the last step result is the key.


* Due to the xor operation in mixing target and master inputs, the inputs can

be swapped and will still give same result key.

* Most importantly getting master or sha1(master) from key must be protected.

This is achieved by the rehashing step. Finding SHA-1 collisions will not

help attacker. Target input does not have to be secret.



* Presence of the numbers in base64 lookup is low, giving higher possibility

of numberless keys. This will not give much advantage in brute-force

cracking with only-alphabetic key assumption, but may just be a problem

with sites that require numbers to be present in password.


* web – index.php – For browsers with JavaScript enabled, will generate key on

the fly. Otherwise falls back to standard form and calculates key on server

side using php.

* web – index.html – Javascript only solution.

* posix – Console tool for simple key generation.

* gnome – Console tool, but uses gnome keyring for master key storage and

copies the resulting key to clipboard. Does not print key on screen.


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