Awake SQL – Remote JDBC access through HTTP

Awake SQL is an Open Source Framework which enables remote JDBC access through HTTP. Java Desktop App developers just need to include regular JDBC calls in their code like they would with a local database to access remote SQL databases in the cloud.

Awake SQL comes with a complete set of features: main data types are implemented, including blobs/clobs, and transactions are supported.

Security has been taken into account from the design stage: server-side configuration lets admins specify strong authentication and security rules in order to protect the databases.

Awake SQL is licensed through the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL v2.1): you can use it for free and without any constraints in your open source projects as well as in your commercial applications.


  • Compatible with Servlets 2.5+ containers, JDBC 4+ drivers and main SQL compliant databases.
  • Intensively tested with main databases and JDBC Drivers
  • Supports Windows, Unix/Linux and MacOS X on client side and server side.
  • Allows regular and non-modified JDBC syntax for all operations.
  • Optimized and designed to manage heavy traffic with connection pooling, data streaming, stateless sessions, etc.
  • Full default configuration included for easy start.
  • Configuration neutral. Configuration is done through getters in Java classes using Dependency injection. This allows you to easily define your configuration strategy and implementation : ini file, XML, etc. Just use or overload any or all of the few configuration methods with your own code.
  • Client/Server communications and exchanges entirely done in http or https on standard ports. (No firewall configuration required).
  • Supports multi databases configuration per installation.
  • Supports simultaneous Connections from client side.
  • Supports JDBC calls from Java Threads.
  • Entirely coded in Java.
  • Also packaged as a real JDBC Driver for use with third party programs and/or explorer tools like SquirreL.
  • Developed by Swing/JavaFX developers for Swing/JavaFX developers.

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