AIORemote is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT)

RAIORemote is a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) created by uniKornn, it’s purpose is to simply make alot of stuff easier (for those who are too lazy to walk, like me). The operator (client-side) has control over the host (server-side).

Platform : Windows



  • Chat – Chat with the user that is currently using the computer.
  • Filemanager – Manage all files on all drives of the host, you can also remotly execute (visible or hidden), delete, move, rename and copy files.
  • Processmanager – Manage all processes that are active on the computer, you can kill the processes or close their main window. Next to that you also get some information about the process.*
  • Host Info – Get various information about the system and user.**
  • Script Editor – Create scripts to execute on the host, supported scripts are Visual Basic Script (.vbs) and Batch (.bat, .cmd, [.nt]).
  • Remote CMD – A remote Command Prompt, all commands are executed on the host as the Command Prompt is also running on the host.


Download In (3.0 MB)

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