Hash Me – Create different hash results to take an unique file identification

Very easy and simple to use. The Hash Me is a free tool that can create differents hash results from files using differents algorithms. Besides that, the app can be used to create an additional file which can be distributed with the original file. This one creates the chance for the receiver confirm that the original file didn’t take any modification along the way.


* For full help description, type “hashme.exe -help” at command line.

=> hashme.exe <filename> <hash algorithm>
Output the hash result from specified file.

=> hashme.exe <filename> -c
Create a .hashme file with hash information about the specified file. Send the .hashme file with the original file and then, at the destination, run the command “hashme.exe <filename> -c” again. It will check if the file was modified from its original state.

Download in here | read more right here