Update netsniff-ng v0.5.7 – The packet sniffing beast

netsniff-ng is a high performance Linux network sniffer for packet inspection. It is similar to analyzers like tcpdump, but without the need to perform system calls for fetching network packets. A memory-mapped area within kernelspace will be used for accessing packets, so there is no requirement for copying them to userspace (a ‘zero-copy’ mechanism). For this purpose, netsniff-ng is libpcap independent, but nevertheless supports the pcap file format for capturing, replaying, and performing offline analysis of pcap dumps. The project is focused on building a robust, clean, and secure analyzer and utilities that complete netsniff-ng as a support for penetration testing. netsniff-ng can be used for protocol analysis, reverse engineering, and network debugging.

Release Notes V0.5.7: This release fixes a number of bugs, cleans the code, and adds new features, including raw 802.11 support and a new packet configuration language for trafgen.
Platform : Unix/Linux
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