Linkcrawler – Capable to “Crawl” a site and return a report all links from it

Java Desktop application capable to “Crawl” a site and return a report of the status of all the link present at the page, then it moves to another internal page and so on.LinkCrawlers provides a nice HTML5 report with the information of all link per WebPage, Easy to Read. This tool is useful for Web QA testers


  • “Crawls” a Site and gather information about Internal and External Links
  • Checks link status (based on HTTP status codes)
  • Added exclusion list
  • Added Depth Control. You can indicate how far LinkCrawler will go
  • Added Image tag src attribute checking (Broken images)
  • Capable to use HTTP Authentication
  • Good performance when crawling big sites (1000 links per page)
  • Saves report in HTML Format
  • Validates XML Sitemap

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is an ARP level ping utility. It’s good for finding out if an IP is taken before you have routing to that subnet. It can also ping MAC addresses directly.

Release Notes v-2.12 1 july 2012: This release fixes a timing issue on BSD and adds a statistics line with min/avg/max/std-dev.

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