Turm – The *nix remote manager

Web-GUI and user-extensible command library for managing applications and services remotely.

The primary goal is to create a system that can manage:
– LXC Containers
– Libvirt virtual networks
– OpenVPN networks
– Reverse proxies for IPv4
– IPv6 networking
– Web-Hosting applications
– Content Management System’s
– Simple configuration commands and routines

The end game is an administrator tool that can manage even a complex cloud-computing-like system as a hybrid virtual and real server farm.

Turm can run from any LAMP system, (Linux Apache MySql PHP), and control any SSH-accessible client. Unix/Linux, Os X, and possibly even Windows via freeSSHd.

  • User/Project Tree model
  • Realtime operations over SSH on the remote systems.
  • MySQL based PHP generated jQuery, jqGrid frontend.
  • Modular, extensible design.

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