passwordmaker-je Password Maker Java Edition.

A port of the Firefox PasswordMaker plugin to a standalone Java application.

Features :

  • Read/write RDF files. RDF is the format the Firefox plugin uses. You can re-import changes saved from PasswordMaker-JE into the Firefox plugin.
  • Sorting of accounts (alphabetical ascending/descending, folders on top/bottom).
  • Cross platform. Anywhere that SWT has been ported to, PasswordMaker-JE can run (once a jar is built for it).
  • Supports all the non-buggy versions of hash algorithms from the Firefox plugin.
  • MD4
  • HMAC-MD4
  • MD5
  • HMAC-MD5
  • SHA-1
  • SHA-256
  • HMAC-SHA-256
  • RIPEMD160
  • Search by URL. Copy and paste your browser’s URL into the URL search box to search the list of account patterns for a match (similar to how the Firefox plugin locates accounts based on the current page).
  • Filtering. If you have alot of accounts, you can use the filter box to narrow down the list of visible accounts.
  • The interface is very similar to the Firefox plugin.
  • Command-line support (limited at the moment).

Download and read more in here