update SecureSystems-Analyst Antimalware Toolkit v-8.8.2012

SecureSystems-Analyst Antimalware Toolkit is a toolkit based on Xubuntu 12.04 for malware analysis and collection purposes.

  • Designed for reverse engineering malware. Contains many Firefox extensions and Tor Browser.
  • Uses XFCE to provide a customizable desktop that’s not too heavy on resources.
  • Also has some network analysis tools such as WireShark and Zenmap.
  • Live CD/Installer available only. Note does not fit onto a standard CD.

This toolkit is provided to help researchers reverse engineer malware.
It runs a customized Xubuntu 12.04 i386 Linux OS.
This package includes both a live dvd and installer.

Login Name: securesystems-analyst
Login Password: analyst

Root Account Password: analyst

System Requirements

VMware Workstation 8*
2GB of free ram.
25GB of free disk space.

*Other Virtual Environments(VirtualBox, Virtual PC etc) have not been tested.

Download : 8.8.2012.zipx (1.6 GB) 
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read more in here : http://www.cyberstealthlabs.org/projects/csl-antimalware-toolkit

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