update SecureSystems-Analyst Antimalware Toolkit v-8.8.2012

SecureSystems-Analyst Antimalware Toolkit is a toolkit based on Xubuntu 12.04 for malware analysis and collection purposes.

  • Designed for reverse engineering malware. Contains many Firefox extensions and Tor Browser.
  • Uses XFCE to provide a customizable desktop that’s not too heavy on resources.
  • Also has some network analysis tools such as WireShark and Zenmap.
  • Live CD/Installer available only. Note does not fit onto a standard CD.

This toolkit is provided to help researchers reverse engineer malware.
It runs a customized Xubuntu 12.04 i386 Linux OS.
This package includes both a live dvd and installer.

Login Name: securesystems-analyst
Login Password: analyst

Root Account Password: analyst

System Requirements

VMware Workstation 8*
2GB of free ram.
25GB of free disk space.

*Other Virtual Environments(VirtualBox, Virtual PC etc) have not been tested.

Download : 8.8.2012.zipx (1.6 GB) 
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read more in here : http://www.cyberstealthlabs.org/projects/csl-antimalware-toolkit

Our post Before : https://seclist.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/securesystems-analyst-toolkit/

Endian Firewall Community (EFW)

Endian Firewall Community (EFW) is a “turn-key” linux security distribution that makes your system a full featured security appliance with Unified Threat Management (UTM) functionalities. The software has been designed for the best usability: very easy to install, use and manage and still greatly flexible.

The feature suite includes stateful packet inspection firewall, application-level proxies for various protocols (HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP) with antivirus support, virus and spam-filtering for email traffic (POP and SMTP), content filtering of Web traffic and a “hassle free” VPN solution (based on both OpenVPN and IPsec). The freshly released EFW 2.5.1 also features support for most modern UMTS/3G USB dongles, new configurable widgets for the dashboard, additional gateway options and several performance improvements.


  • Network Security
  • Web security
  • Mail security
  • Virtual Private Neworking
  • High Availability
  • Multi-WAN with Failover
  • Routing
  • Network Address Translation (NAT)
  • Logging and Reporting
  • Connectivity – Support for most modern UMTS/3G USB dongles
  • System – Performance improvements
  • Contentfilter – Configurable update intervals
  • Dashboard – Customizable through configurable widgets
  • Logging – Trusted timestamping
  • Routing – Additional gateway options

Download In here
Read more right here : http://www.endian.com/en/community/

Linux disaster recovery and system migration solution

Relax-and-Recover (Rear) is the leading Open Source disaster recovery solution, and successor to mkcdrec. It comprises of a modular framework and ready-to-go workflows for many common situations to produce a bootable image and restore from backup using this image. As a benefit, it allows to restore to different hardware and can therefore be used as a migration tool as well.

Currently Relax-and-Recover supports various boot media (incl. ISO, PXE, OBDR tape, USB or eSATA storage), a variety of network protocols (incl. sftp, ftp, http, nfs, cifs) as well as a multitude of backup strategies (incl. IBM TSM, HP DataProtector, Symantec NetBackup, Bacula, rsync).

Relax-and-Recover was designed to be easy to set up, requires no maintenance and is there to assist when disaster strikes. Its setup-and-forget nature removes any excuse for not having a disaster recovery solution implemented.

Download In here
Read more right here http://relax-and-recover.org/

Mandragora Linux Beta Released

Mandragora Linux – A hardened Linux desktop for use in Digital Forensics-Incident Response (DFIR) and Vulnerability Assessments. Mandragora leverages AppArmor security profiles and auditing, LXC Container Sandboxing (Arkose) and Tor and I2P for enhanced privacy. Mandragora is built upon Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and uses the GNOME3 Classic desktop environment.
Download : Mandragora.ova (2.7 GB)
Read More In here : http://www.magiansystems.com/

Ophcrack LiveCD 3.4.0 released

Our Post about Ophcrack Before :

Ophcrack is a Windows password cracker based on a time-memory trade-off using rainbow tables. This is a new variant of Hellman’s original trade-off, with better performance. It recovers 99.9% of alphanumeric passwords in seconds.


  • Cracks LM and NTLM Windows hashes
  • Free tables available for Windows XP, Vista and 7
  • Brute-force module for simple passwords
  • Audit mode and CSV export
  • Real-time graphs to analyze the passwords
  • LiveCD available to simplify the cracking
  • Loads hashes from encrypted SAM recovered from a Windows partition

Download Version: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ophcrack/files/ophcrack-livecd/3.4.0/
Read more right Here : http://ophcrack.sourceforge.net/

Ltp [Linux Test Project] V20120401 – Testsuite to validate the reliability, robustness, stability of Linux.

The Linux Test Project is a group aimed at testing and improving Linux. The goal of the LTP is to deliver a suite of automated testing tools for Linux as well as publishing the results of tests we run. LTP invites community to contribute in new horizons.

Download Latest version : ltp-full-20120401.bz2 (3.9 MB) 
For How to usage, Documentation and changelog :


Astaro V7.511

Astaro Security Gateway (formerly Astaro Security Linux) is an all-in-one network security gateway that includes a firewall, intrusion protection, antivirus, spam protection, URL filtering, and a VPN gateway. Features include a modern packet filter, intrusion detection and prevention, portscan detection, application control, content filtering, virus detection for email and Web traffic, profile handling, L2TP, IPSec, SSL, and PPTP VPN tunneling, spam blocking, proxies for HTTPS, HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, DNS, VoIP, SOCKS, and Ident, logging, and reporting. It supports Ethernet, VLAN, PPP, PPPoE, PPPoA, Cable Modem, IPv6, QoS, Link Aggregation, and WAN-Uplink-Load balancing in routing, and bridge mode. The WebAdmin GUI, Install Wizard, Change Tracking, Printable Configuration, and Up2Date service make it easy to install, manage, and maintain.

Release Notes V7.511: This Up2Date addresses some minor bugs, improves the stability and performance of RED and Wireless under Version 7, and increases the performance of Web Security when used with Authentication. No major changes or new features have been introduced
Download : asg-7.511-110614-1.iso (625.4M)

MD: asg-7.511-110614-1.iso.md5 
Read more in here : http://www.astaro.com/