System Optimizer – a complete diagnose for your infected PC

The perfect nourishment that protects, disinfects, enhances, fosters and accelerates your computer. System Optimizer intensely disinfects your computer and updates your PC on a single click. It has got a perfect combination of utilities that are developed to boost up your computer’s performance. The smart PC care allows you to optimize your computer on a single click. This advanced scanner deep scans your PC and alerts you about any prospective error, if present.

The software is loaded with Disk Defrag and Disk Cleaner which extends the life of your hard drive by assuring regular defragmentation. This is also helps in improving data access response time. The product offers registry defrag tool that helps get rid of fragments in your registry to increase the speed and performance of your PC. It compacts and defragments your registry to remove the registry holes and optimize the registry structure. As a result, it boosts up your system speed and performance as a whole.

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OneClickKick (Network Boot & Kickstart)

A web based GUI for managing PXE boot. Also supports creating and serving Kickstart scripts. This provides a client install in one click. This is a generic framework created to work with anything that’s PXE bootable.


  • DHCP server configuration (redundant DHCP is an option)
  • PXE boot configuration
  • Automated unattended (kickstart) installations
  • Professional support contracts available!
  • Red Hat support
  • Fedora support
  • CentOS support
  • Ubuntu support
  • Debian support
  • Linux Mint support
  • Slackware support
  • Hardware diagnose
  • BIOS upgrades
  • LIVE environments (UBCD, etc)
  • ++ much more

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Registry Alert – For Windows

Registry Alert is a freeware software. It help you to monitor your registry changes.In default, it will monitor your startup registry keys, if it found any changes then it will give you a alert. You can add your own registry keys for monitoring.


  • Protect your computers from spywares or from other softwares which autostart and effect computer performance.
  • You can add your registry keys for alert.

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Facebook Auto Poker written in Python

Just put in your email and password and your on your way. It will run and loop back poking people until you stop. Also there is no need to install any external libraries, it runs on the ones that come standard in python. Do also note that if you kill and restart the script to many times within a small period of time Facebook will temporarily block logging in with the script.


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Apprentice Video

This is a video rendering framework and test application. Decoding is currently implemented via ffmpeg 0.6 libs. Audio rendering is accomplished via portaudio v19. Video rendering is via OpenGL 1.2 or higher

Download Latest Version : apprenticevideo-r247-win32-x64.msi (13.0 MB)
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DotSpatial Release Candidate 3

DotSpatial is developed by members of the MapWindow GIS open source team, and the broader OSGeo .NET developer community. Please join the OSGeo .NET mailing list . You can also see a list of our steering committee members and join our growing list of volunteers

Project Vision: DotSpatial aims to provide a free, open source, consistent and dependable set of libraries for .NET, Silverlight and Mono, enabling developers to easily incorporate spatial data, analysis, and mapping into their applications thereby unleashing the massive potential of GIS in solutions for organizations and communities of all types in a nonrestrictive way.

High Speed Video Demos: If you are new to DotSpatial, start by watching these videos. Note that the name spaces have changed a bit from these videos, but this is a great way to see what DotSpatial is all about.

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