System Optimizer – a complete diagnose for your infected PC

The perfect nourishment that protects, disinfects, enhances, fosters and accelerates your computer. System Optimizer intensely disinfects your computer and updates your PC on a single click. It has got a perfect combination of utilities that are developed to boost up your computer’s performance. The smart PC care allows you to optimize your computer on a single click. This advanced scanner deep scans your PC and alerts you about any prospective error, if present.

The software is loaded with Disk Defrag and Disk Cleaner which extends the life of your hard drive by assuring regular defragmentation. This is also helps in improving data access response time. The product offers registry defrag tool that helps get rid of fragments in your registry to increase the speed and performance of your PC. It compacts and defragments your registry to remove the registry holes and optimize the registry structure. As a result, it boosts up your system speed and performance as a whole.

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TaskKillGUI, a taskmanager focused on processes

TaskKillGUI is a taskmanager focused on processes, in other words: it displays information about processes (like executable path, modules, etc.) and gives the user the ability to eliminate them


  • Ability to eliminate processes using either Imagename or Process ID
  • Ability to gather information about processes
  • Ability to eliminate all unresponsive processes with a single mouse-click
  • Ability to automatically kill processes using either Imagename or Process ID
  • Ability to automatically kill unresponsive processes
  • Ability to notify when processes end
  • Show virtual and physical memoryload

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Registry Alert – For Windows

Registry Alert is a freeware software. It help you to monitor your registry changes.In default, it will monitor your startup registry keys, if it found any changes then it will give you a alert. You can add your own registry keys for monitoring.


  • Protect your computers from spywares or from other softwares which autostart and effect computer performance.
  • You can add your registry keys for alert.

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